Had an accident? Happens to the best…

You went roller skating in the Vondelpark and the next thing you know, you were lying on the asphalt? Or just another accident with your prothesis while you were on holiday? This can happen to you too. We fix your broken prothesis quickly and professional.

Quick fix dental prothesis

Your teeth are important in everything you do. Whether that is laughing, eating or talking, your teeth and your denture make it possible. And if for some reason, your prothesis is broken, it can be pretty uncomfortable. We understand that all too well. That is why we offer quick and professional repair your dentures. If possible “ready while waiting.” Call us right away for a professional fix so you can continue your “carefree” vacation.

Call for direct repairs

Call us for emergency repairs: 

+31 (0)20-6644380 or
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